Thank you for choosing Protobi to analyze and visualize your project data!  We look forward to helping you explore your data, answer key questions, and create cool charts and tables for your report.  Here's what to expect...

We're here for you

You can email us anytime at  The support system is pretty well integrated with our individual work emails. 

Create a project

To start your first project, you can just send us an email at  Or sign in to, go to "My projects", press "New project" and upload a survey datafile yourself.   

Send your data 

In your project space, go to "Settings..." and select the Data tab. Upload your survey data and any documents that might help us, such as the questionnaire, codesheet, analysis plan, report template, etc.  Or email them to us at  


We'll create an initial design

We'll create an initial design.  Basically we'll start by running Autogroup to organize your data into sections. Then we'll look things over from top to bottom, and as we go we'll compact checkboxes and ratings into tidy collections, extract common text into parent groups, and make sure the value formats look right.  We'll take note of our any questions and ideas we have...

Design worksession

Next we'll meet via screenshare to walk through the initial view and our questions together (or in person if you're near Boston).  The main goal is to make sure the data view looks right, but as a nice by-product  it also makes great new user training.  Here we'll identify opportunities to clean, reshape, code, the data, set up certain queries, and generally try to make it so your overall project is more efficient.  Schedule a time at, ideally one or two business days after you get us the data.

Data cleaning and prep

Did you know Protobi can do sophisticated data prep?  Maybe you need to combine countries or waves, merge in translations, calculate respondent weights, untangle a choice exercise, stack patient case data,  etc.  If you prefer R we integrate nicely with R as well.  The code is accessible to your team, all in one place, runs every time you upload new data, and is checked into version control using git. Some amount is included in the base project cost. We'll let you know in advance if it ever gets to the point where we'd need to bill extra.

Analysis and collaboration

You're focused on creating an insightful presentation and we're eager to help.  Email us with questions.  If it's really urgent you can call.

Multiple team members can work on the Protobi view at the same time.  Changes made by one team member are accessible to all.


Grant access to your end client with "View" or "Edit" permissions.  Some clients you might include early in the analysis to sate their curiosity about the data.  Others you might include at the end.   Keep Protobi on your laptop during the final presentation to answer any questions that arise.


  • Projects start once you send the data and say "go". 

  • Allow 1-2 business days from receipt of data to design work session. 
  • Typically 1-3 or more days after that for follow-on edits, advanced data processing, etc.


  • A Protobi Professional Project is  "active" for three months.
  • During this time you can update or replace the data as often as you like.  
  • After this time the data is assumed to be stable, meaning that you're not uploading new respondent data.
  • You can always edit the view, change permissions, export data and crosstabs etc. indefinitely.  
  • This works for a large complex study where the data takes  weeks to field, and even a weekly tracking study that runs 12 weeks.  
  • If your client loves the work and wants the survey updated beyond that, we have additional options for tracking studies.

Tracking studies

  • Protobi is often used for tracking studies, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual studies.
  • One mode is to create one project and update the data in place as it arrives.  This is typically best for continuously fielded research or weekly tracking studies.  
  • Another mode is to "clone" the project every wave (or every quarter) and upload new data into the new project instance.  This is best for quarterly or annual studies, where the questionnaire or sample frame evolves over time, and you need a permanent record.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you

Jung and Pieter

Team Protobi